Trademark registration is not an obligation under the intellectual property law; however, is an obligation in the reality of production and trade because nowadays, the majority of products and services are tagged with at least one trademark. On the other hand, trademark registration is an effective method for enterprises to protect their reputation, product quality, consumer belief, so that they would not violate the intellectual property rights of other trademarks.

By using safe and qualified products and services, consumers would begin to notice and remember that those products, services were tagged with which the trademark is, where they come from, of which enterprise in the market… Trademark is the factor making consumers remember easily because of the simple form or/and impressing design. Therefore, trademark registration is to protect the enterprise reputation, product quality and consumer belief.

Besides, through trademark registration, enterprises will know whether their current trademark is confusingly similar to the other mark possessed by other enterprise, also used for the same type of products, services or not. Specifically, given the search outcome and the initial assessment of trademark protection ability by Trường Luật®, or distinctiveness of the trademark referred in the assessment outcome of trademark registration by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, enterprises will not use this trademark anymore (replaced by the other trademark), so that they could avoid violation behaviors relevant to protected trademark possession right of others.