After deciding a mark to be registered together with the list of goods/services bearing mark, the next step is to prepare the dossier of registration of the mark. The dossier of a mark is filed to the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) and is a basis for the NOIP to consider granting the Certificate of registration of mark. Filing the dossier should be proceeded as soon as possible because the NOIP will compare the mark in dossier with the one filed before.

The dossier includes: the Declaration of registration of a mark (usually having 03 pages, including: first page displays information of the mark, the applicant name, intellectual property representative [for example, Truong Luat, if Truong Luat is authorized], second page displays information of fees, attached documents, third page displays information of the list of goods, services); Samples of mark should be clear with a correct size; Power of Attorney (provided by Truong Luat) displays information of applicant, identical with the one in the Declaration.

It could be said that the dossier contains all of information of a mark (samples of mark, list of goods, services …) and the information of the applicant and related information. Therefore, the dossier is necessary source of information helping the NOIP easily consider, examine the dossier of registration of mark according to the order, procedures as prescribed regulation of mark in particular, and of intellectual property in general.