A summary of an invention is a type of documents of invention used for briefly displaying the nature of the invention. By the summary of the invention, readers can imagine most of the nature of the invention, leading to decide whether to continue to read the information of the invention in the Description or not. The invention should be briefly displayed in the summary, this is necessary because documents of inventions are very abundant, made in many different languages.

A name of an invention is the name in the Declaration of Registration, Description, Summary and other documents related to the invention. A name of an invention is the first and important information for an invention, so naming an invention must be carefully researched, leading to help others immediately recognize an invention. Here is the guideline for naming an invention to file an application of invention registration.

Unfortunately, the patent protection title in Vietnam include Patents and Patents for inventions and utility solutions often invalidated earlier than the validity period prescribed by intellectual property laws, the most common reason is the patent owner had not taken effective maintenance procedures for the next years from expiration day, which patent owners must be conducted every year.