Registering an invention is to file a patent application for invention with the competent authority which will examin whether or not the invention meet requirements according to the applicable legal provisions. Preparing the application is not completely easy because it requires the applicant must have acknowlege, specialization and pratice in the field of patents, so it is recommended that the applicant consult an intellectual property representative in drafting the application. After completing that, the application will be filed with the competent authority in order to make a decision of grant or no grant of a patent. Through the acquired patent, the owner has many the following benefits, in order words, these benefits is exactly the answer to the question “Why should I register an invention?”

The owner has the exclusive right to directly exploit the patented invention. If no directly exploiting it, for example, due to may not have productution facilities for the product protected on patent, or only being capble of exploiting in one specific market share…, the owner has the right to grant a license to one or more enterprises which wish to exploit the invention in order to collect the defined amount of money from this license contract. If any of enterprises without having licence provide in the market with the products protected on patent, the owner will have the right to request him for immidiately stopping this operation and may also propose to sign a license.

Acquiring one or more patents will help the owner has the advantage of raising funds from investors as, upon patents, investers may perceive that owner obtain the higher level of acknowlege, technical specialization on patents, and so he can provide in the market with the better goods than the compititors from companies with small scale to companies with large scale. Otherwise, without registering an invention, compititors may make, use, sell products designed by you free of charge and then your market share will become smaller because they don’t have to recoup the costs for research and development like you.