The invention is a particular object in the field of intellectual property, because the invention is one of the determinants of the outstanding development of enterprises, especially manufacturing enterprises. In practice, Apple has been very successful with new inventions for mobile devices, or vice versa, Nokia has no more development because they have no breakthrough inventions. Besides bringing competitiveness to businesses operating the same field, the invention also benefits for consumers.

Knowing the tremendous effects of the invention, surely you will have a question: what is the invention? The invention is known as the product is generated from activities of the human mind, no man is without invention, and people created the invention called author. However, authors of the invention do not mean that he is also the owner of the invention. We will determine the owner of the invention through registration procedures at the State administrative authority, namely Intellectual Property Department.

Now, you know why we should register patents. The patent registration means to require the National Office of Intellectual Property to consider and evaluate the establishment of industrial property rights for invention according at the request of the applicant, who will become the owner of the patent if the invention completed all the criteria for protection under the provisions and the National Office of Intellectual Property grants patent for invention or utility solution.