Invention is a technical solution as a product or a process to a problem based on laws of natural, including that invention is a product as a structure such as machines, equipment, components, tools…; invention is a product as a substance such as materials, foods, pharmaceuticals …; invention is a process such as technology process, methods of diagnostic, forecast, examination, handling, production, manufacture,… Problems which inventions can solve are the benefit of the inventions bringing for human.

An invention must be a technical solution, in other words, must belong to one or some technical fields, however, the owner of an invention is not required to be educated in corresponding technical fields, therefore, even though you are not an engineer, you can invent a product in order to solve a technical problem, for example, your work is to grow rice, after a hard time, your recognize that you will waste much time if you continue to seed in the normal way, so you think of making a seed drill helping you in this work; after completing the manufacture and putting into use, the seed drill helps you significantly reduce the time of seeding, in other words, you successfully made an invention.

Making an invention is not simple; it requires you must heavily invest time, effort and money, however, copying and imitating are much easily, therefore, as soon as successfully making an invention, the owner has to establish the intellectual property rights of the invention, this will help the owner get the recordation and protection from state agency, accordingly the owner can exploit and benefit from the invention by exploiting the invention, or directly manufacturing products based on the invention, or transferring the use rights of invention to others.