Unfortunately, the patent protection title in Vietnam include Patents and Patents for inventions and utility solutions often invalidated earlier than the validity period prescribed by intellectual property laws, the most common reason is the patent owner had not taken effective maintenance procedures for the next years from expiration day, which patent owners must be conducted every year.

The management of patent protection title that TRUONG LUAT ® is representative, is monitored very closely through the database system of his own invention, including monitoring condition in effect, in the form of patent status message (including registration forms and degrees of protection) in every month. The invention in the system is ensured to have the notice and maintain validity effectively in order to receive patent protection for remaining validity.

To carry out effective maintenance, patent owners just give TRUONG LUAT® patent information and power of attorney, then TRUONG LUAT® will update patent information into the system, namely the application and the filing date, diplomas and date, name and address of the patent owner, the name and address of the inventor, and other information related.