There will be not any inventions if there is not any act of inventors who create them, in other words, inventors are the fathers of inventions. Through the investment of intelligence, inventors generate many inventions capable of meeting the human needs, such as the needs of moving, the needs of entertainment, the needs of life… Nowadays, inventions contribute so much to the people’s development, present in most of fields of life, over everwhere in the world, therefore the recognition of contribution of inventors is truly neccesary to promote them to create more inventions for us.

The recognition of services of inventors as above are specified in legal provisions on intellectual properry, so inventors have the rights to the inventions which were created by them, includes the right to be named on the Patent for Inventions, the right to be named on the documents, advertisements about their inventions, and specifically the right to get incomes from directly using or licencing their inventions. In case invention is done by many different inventors, these inventors are regarded as the joint inventors and joinly have the rights, in respect to the right to get income, which will be divided according to their agreement.

For the right to get income, if there are no other agreements, the owner of invention has the obligation to pay the income of 10% interest which he collected from using the invention to inventor or 15% the total of the amount which he got in each payment due to licensing invention. With this income, the huge role of inventors are recorded, and may promote inventors to create additional inventions which help all of human acts become more easily, faster and produces many wealth.