A summary of an invention is a type of documents of invention used for briefly displaying the nature of the invention. By the summary of the invention, readers can imagine most of the nature of the invention, leading to decide whether to continue to read the information of the invention in the Description or not. The invention should be briefly displayed in the summary, this is necessary because documents of inventions are very abundant, made in many different languages.

A summary of an invention is required to be a short presentation (no more than 150 words) of the nature of the invention, which is displayed in the description, request of protection and drawing in order to provide brief information about the invention. The summary should display the main content about the nature of the invention and not include the advertising content. For the invention as preparations, the summary can include the most typical formula for those preparations. The summary can be illustrated by the most typical formula.

The summary of the invention is the required document in the application of registration of invention; its content will be published on Industrial Property Official Gazette by the competent state agency in the nineteenth month counted from the filing-date, or priority date if the application requests for priority rights, so that anyone interested in the field of the invention can read; and competitors can consider and oppose of grant of the registration of the invention when they assume that the invention does not meet the conditions of protection.