The external appearance of the product today is not merely a product constitute major but also a criterion in purchasing decisions of consumers' products besides their price, quality and brand; and when the human being living standards is more and more higher, besides the demand of the inner quality of the product have to be good, then the outside one of the product have to also be aesthetic, luxurious, even reflect users' classes.

To meet the consumer demand, the producers nowadays effort to invest, including both materials and humans, in order to create an luxurious and eye-catching industrial design for the its products; and to promote this, the Vietnamese and international law of intellectual property considered an industrial design as one of the objects of intellectual property needing to be protected.

However, to get the protection on the basis of the exclusive license for an industrial design granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property with the validity period of 5 years and renewable for 2 times for each of 5 years (total a maximum of 15 years), industrial designs must be conducted before applying for use or publication, even if industrial designs are on the drawing board designed to ensure designs now not be considered a loss of novelty, one of the conditions for protection of industrial designs, besides the creativity and ability of industrial application.