Industrial design is appearance of a product, giving a visual beauty to attract the consumers when they choose the product, especially when the products’ qualities and features are almost similar. You can easily realize this when there are many smart phones with similar configuration and price on the market, and so at that time, the industrial design is the one of criteria for the consumers to choose the products.

Creating a beautiful and unique industrial design is not easy, it requires a considerable investment, in other words, the cost to create product is much higher, leading that price for a product is much higher than the other similar products on the market, whereas the product will be easily chosen because of the beautiful and unique form. At that time, the number of inventories of competitors is more and more increasing, and they have to imitate (copy) a part or total of the industrial design for their products. This will damage the owner of industrial design and therefore, the Laws of Vietnam and other countries in the world give the authors, owners the rights as below.

The author of an industrial design has the rights of writing his name on the Industrial Design Certificate, mentioning the author in the publication documents, introducing the industrial design and receiving the remuneration. The owner of the industrial design will have the rights of use, permit others to use it, prohibit others from using it, and dispose it.