To conduct registration of industrial designs, firstly applicants, might be individuals or organizations, have to determine whether you have the right to register an industrial design or not; this is required because without the right to register, the exclusive license for industrial design after the grant may be ineffective, this means that the cost and time for the registration service type industrial design is inefficient.

The following organizations and individuals shall have the right to register industrial designs: authors who have created industrial designs with their own efforts and expenses; organizations or individuals who have supplied funds and material facilities to authors in the form of job assignment or hiring unless otherwise agreed by the involved parties whose agreements are not contrary to the provisions of the right to register industrial inventions created by using material and technical facilities and funds from the state budget. Where more than one organizations or individuals have jointly created or invested in the creation of an industrial design, these organizations or individuals shall all have the registration right, which shall only be exercised with their consensus.

A person who has the registration right may assign that right to other organizations or individuals in the form of a written contract, bequeathal or inheritance in according to the provisions of law, even where a registration application has been filed during the formal examination or substantive examination according to the laws on intellectual property.