Industrial design is the most popular industrial property object, not only in Vietnam but also around the world, rights of industrial property are established based on the Decision of grant of protection title, and protected based on the Patent of industrial design granted by competent state agency as prescribed.

An industrial design, the appearance of a product, is not protected if there is no Patent of industrial design respectively and the duration of protection of industrial design is the duration of validation of the Patent of industrial design respectively. The first duration of validity of the patent is five years from the filing-date of registration of industrial design and each of the next two duration of validity is five years, if the patent is renewed.

Renewal of validity of patent of industrial design is to extend the duration of validity, based on the will of the owner if the continuing protection is necessary for their own industrial design. The owner can proceed the renewal by themselves or authorize Truong Luat - an Industrial Property Representative to act on behalf of them before competent state agency. The authorization for Truong Luat is really important to consider because the industrial design will be saved in the TOPIP® Database System of Truong Luat for the management and update.