Because of the product appearance, industrial designs have forms embodied by three-dimensional configurations, lines, colors, correlative position or correlative size to combine with other signs to make a set of necessary and sufficient conditions, in order to make an industrial design; therein, features of design are considered as the most important factor to decide whether an industrial design meets the protection conditions or not.

The following subject matters shall not be protected as industrial designs: three-dimensional configurations, lines, which is dictated by the technical features of the product; features which their attendance including the signs not sufficient to make the beauty impression; signs attached, tagged... On products are to display the product function information, origin instructions, features, forms, utility, instruction...; the product size, except the change of decorative size of fabric samples or the similar materials.

After eliminating all the factors mentioned above from industrial design, there are only the features of design, therein including the group of basic design with easily recognizable/ rememberable, necessary and sufficient to determine the industrial design and distinguish between one and the other one using for the same product, and the group of non-basic design with the rest of design features.