Nowadays, imitating the forms of products (industrial designs) is popular and more and more sophisticated because the consumers’ choices are based on the industrial designs impressing them. Facing the situation, what should the creators (authors), financial and material investors (investors) who create the industrial designs do?

Firstly, author or the investor should draft and file the registration application of industrial design in competent state agency before bringing the products into the market, this will help author or investor maintain the confidentiality of industrial design in order to get the soonest application date; or not to be refused to grant certificate by the competent state agency. Choosing an Intellectual Property Representative, such as Truong Luat, to draft and file the registration application of industrial design is necessary to guarantee that the application won’t be prolonged because of the formality shortcoming.

After being received by the competent state agency, the application will be in formality examination and substantive examination process, the substantive examination is the most important process because the competent state agency will consider, assess and conclude whether the industrial design meets the protection conditions or not. The conclusion is based on the information provided by third party (usually competitors) and author or investor; therefore, choosing an Intellectual Property Representative to represent author to express opinions in order to protect industrial design before the competent state agency really worth your consideration according the professional experience of Truong Luat.