Imported foods are the kinds of food (food or beverage) produced in other countries, proceeded proclamation before importing into Vietnam market for the direct consumption or the next manufacture, therefore importers should contact foreign partners to request for information, documents for the proclamation of imported foods before importing them.

To proceed proclamation of imported foods (other than functional foods), importers have to prepare information, documents including: an Announcement of regulation conformity or conformity with regulation on food safety, a Detail information regarding imported foods, a Result of examination of imported foods, a Plan of periodic supervision, a Certificate of qualified units of safety foods as prescribed, a Certificate of business, a certificate of conformity with standards of HACCP or ISO 22000 or equivalent (if any).

The dossier of proclamation of imported foods as mentioned above is filed to competent state agency namely Vietnam Food Administration – Ministry of Health; after receiving the dossier, this agency will consider the dossier and grant the Document of Receipt of the announcement of regulation conformity/ certificate of conformity with regulation on food safety with duration of 3 or 5 years if the dossier meets the requirements, if not, the agency will require the enterprise to remedy shortcomings within the duration as prescribed.