Like processing aids used in food production, tooling, packaging materials and containers of food, food additive is not food but it is closely connected to food, the substance is intentionally put into food in the production process, with or without nutritive value, to maintain or improve the characteristics of the food; to ensure the safety, food additives should be announced before making consumption market.

To conduct to declare food additives, enterprises need to prepare applications include: The document of conformity of food safety regulations, The document of details of food additives, test food additives results, quality control plan, monitoring periodic plan, Certificate of conformity of food safety regulations, business licenses, certificates to get fit and quality management standards such as HACCP, ISO 22000 and equivalent (if any).

Published food additives dossier is submitted to the competent management agencies as the Food Safety and Hygiene Department, part of the Ministry of Health. After being received, the agency will consider and grant The document of reception conformity / Certificate of conformity of food safety regulations with validity period of 3 or 5 years if the dossier is satisfactory, unsatisfactory circumstances, the enterprise is required to remedy the deficiencies within the prescribed time limit.