Domestic foods - distinguishing with imported foods, are the kinds of foods produced in Vietnam, proceeded proclamation before putting into the market; therefore, enterprise have to prepare required information, documents for proclamation of foods produced by themselves or other units processing before trade, exchange or marketing on the market.

Imported foods are the kinds of food (food or beverage) produced in other countries, proceeded proclamation before importing into Vietnam market for the direct consumption or the next manufacture, therefore importers should contact foreign partners to request for information, documents for the proclamation of imported foods before importing them.

For food having corresponding technical regulation, it has to be announced on conformity by organizations, individuals before putting on the market. So, what is the technical regulation? It is the regulation on the limits of technical characteristics and management requirements which food products must comply with in order to ensure human health and life. And what is an announcement on conformity with regulation of food products? It is the announcement on food conformable with regulations in corresponding technical regulation.