Cosmetic Proclamation Form with a Receipt Number granted by competent authority means that the cosmetic product with the Receipt Number is authorized to circulate in the market, but it has no meening in confirming safety, effective and quality of the product as well as on meaning in satisfying the requirements of the Asean Cosmetic Harmony Agreement. Therefore, after granting a Receipt Number, the competent authority, namely the Drug Administration of Vietnam - the Ministry of Health or the Department of Health, will conduct any inspection on quality of products (or also known as after - sales activities on cosmetic products). As a consequence, the Receipt Number may also withdraw if any product does not meet some of the requirements of the after - sales process.

In particular, the Receipt Number may be withdrawed if any product being in the market falls one of the following cases: where there are two batches not qualified according to the notification of competent authority on quality of cosmetics; where the formula is not the same as the proclamated record; where information on the label not correct with the source or origin of cosmetic; where information on the label not correct with the nature of the inherent properties of the product; where cosmetic product contains prohibited substances, substances with concentration or content exceeds prescribed limit; where cosmetic product are not safe for users; where cosmetic contains any mark infringing intellectual property rights under the concluse of competent. In addition, if making fake documents, using fake seals or signing with fake signatures, making fake seals of Vietnamese or foreign authorities, manufacturer or owner or no having information file (PIF) to present to the competent authority in accordance with regulations or the person who distributed the product to the market has a written request to recover the Receipt Number of the cosmetic product proclamation report or declaring dishonestly the contents of the cosmetic product proclamation report, the Receipt Number is also recovered.

Authorization issuing a decision withdrawing a Receipt Number of Cosmetic Product Proclamation Form shall belong to the Drug Administration of Vietnam - the Ministry of Health (for domestic Cosmetic Product Poclamation Form granted by the Drug Administration before April 25, 2009 and imported products) or Department of Health (for the Cosmetic Product Proclamation Form for products produced in Vietnam) or Management Board of Moc Bai Economic Zone (Tay Ninh province), Management Board of Economic Zone of Quang Tri province (for the Cosmetic Product Proclamation Form granted by themself)