One of state management contents of cosmetics (irrespective of domestic cosmetics or imported cosmetics) after receiving The number of receiving the cosmetic product proclamation report, organizations and individuals must get a Product Information File (PIF) when delivered to the market in accordance with ASEAN’s instruction which is saved at the address of organizations or individuals who are responsible for putting the product on the market.

The Product Information File involves of the following 04 parts: Part 1- Administrative documents and a summary of product, Part 2- Material quality, Part 3- Product quality, Part 4- Safety and efficiency. Part 1 of the Product Information File must immediately be presented to the agency of Consideration, Investigation when required; others, if inefficiently, must be presented within 15-60 days since the consideration day in regard to the Functional agency’s request. The documents in The Product Information File with most of them belong to the producers, so cases of people responsible for putting cosmetics on the market who is not the producer should have the commitment of producer on the supply of these documents at the time of concluding the contract.

The Product Information File contained entire cosmetics information from the early stages of the production process, such as material preparation, assess the safety and effect of cosmetics, until getting complete cosmetic products, so The Product Information File are sources of necessary information for organizations and individuals to manage their quality cosmetic and the Inspection agencies to conduct the state management activities as prescribed.