Cosmetic label is writing, print, drawing, photocopy of words, drawings, pictures which are pasted, printed, enclosed, casted, engraved, carved directly on goods, trade packing of goods, or other materials affixed with goods, trade packing of goods to show basic, necessary content of cosmetic, mounted at the easy observation position, full of content of cosmetics labels.

Label writing is showing basic, necessary content of cosmetic in label for customer to acknowledge, to rely on to choice, and use exactly, for producers to advertise goods and to base for functional agencies in inspection and supervisory. The content required to write on the label include: the product’s name and function, the usage instruction, the full formula ingredients, the country where the product was made, the name and the address of organizations or individuals who are responsible for putting products on market, Quantification is presented with weight or volume, in regard to the meter system or the meter system and the British system, the manufacture lot number, the manufacture day or the expiry must be clearly presented (i.e.: day/month/year), warning about safety for usage.

The organization or the individual is allowed to write other contents on the label. The added information is not opposite to the law regulation and must guarantee the honesty, the accuracy, the true reflection of the product’s quality without causing the imperative content on the cosmetic label hidden and deviated.