Cosmetic Proclamation Form with a Receipt Number granted by competent authority means that the cosmetic product with the Receipt Number is authorized to circulate in the market, but it has no meening in confirming safety, effective and quality of the product as well as on meaning in satisfying the requirements of the Asean Cosmetic Harmony Agreement. Therefore, after granting a Receipt Number, the competent authority, namely the Drug Administration of Vietnam - the Ministry of Health or the Department of Health, will conduct any inspection on quality of products (or also known as after - sales activities on cosmetic products). As a consequence, the Receipt Number may also withdraw if any product does not meet some of the requirements of the after - sales process.

Cosmetic product proclamation report is the most important document relating to cosmetic products, the "ticket" to bring cosmetic products to the market and to consumers, the transaction document between distributors and agents in commerce and one of the mandatory documents must be presented during inspection by the competent authority. The major requirements for each of the cosmetic product proclamation report must fully and accurately show the information on cosmetic products and the person responsible for distributing cosmetic products in the market, the manufacturer (s), the assembler (s), the importer. Therefore, after cosmetic product proclamation report have been granted Receipt Number by the competent authority, depending on certain changes, the person responsible for distributing cosmetic products in the market must proclaim again or revise according to regulations.

Long time ago, advertisement is considered as one of important and essential activities for most of individuals, organizations having goods in market, especially for manufacturer, cosmetic business. Thanks to advertisement, a new cosmetic product initially released can be introduced, widely advertised to the consumers, this will promote the production, sale and use of cosmetic products.