We will not have any works without the creative activity of the author (the author may be one or more people) and investment activities of financial, material and technical base of investors (investors might be author or others). In other words, creative activities and investing activities will produce works and attached to each work is copyright and who will be the owner of copyright (holders of copyright), who will hold one or some or all of the property rights to exploit and use of works.

First, people who invested intellectual labor and also financial investments to get their work will be the owner of the work, or in other words, the author is also the owner of the work, in this case authors will enjoy the full copyright (the personal rights and property rights). If not the sole creator of a work, the owner of the work in this case will be the co-author. However, if the author is paid for work created through the receiving salary or receive rent, the owners work will be paid if the two parties do not agree otherwise.

When the owners died, the heirs will be the owner of the work, or the state if without any heir(s), or heir(s) who have waived or has no the right to such works. The state also owns works for anonymous works (works without the author's name as the first publication). In addition, owners works can also be the assignee of copyrights from others through contracting.