We cannot deny the great role of computer software (computer programs) in the development of the world today. Computer software is present almost everywhere , from rural area to urban area , from home to workplace , from working to serve the entertainment needs to handling jobs requiring high accuracy ... So what is computer software that has tremendous impact and so widespread, has been the protection of intellectual property law or does not?

Computer software is a set of instructions that are expressed in the form of commands, codes , schemes or any other form , when attached to a computer means that the reader is capable of making real computer achieve a task or achieve a specific result, ex Microsoft Office software, Misa accounting software , antivirus software Bkav ... Maybe because computer software is shown below source code or object code, computer software should be legislation on intellectual property protection as a literary work.

Due to be protected as literary works, computer software authors also have moral rights : the right to name the computer software , rights in the name or pseudonym on computer software , the right to publish or to allowing computer software published , and the right to protect the integrity of computer software . However, due to its own characteristics, naming for the computer software may be agreed between computer software authors and investors produced computer software as well as the agreement on the development of computer software.