An art work is presented by lines, colors, three-dimensional figures or layouts, such as works of fine-arts, graphic arts, sculpture, installation arts and similar forms of presentation, which are available in unique copies. Particularly, a work of graphic art may be presented in as many as 50 copies which are ordinally numbered and bear the author’s signature. Because of unique copies, the authors concentrate all their efforts and creativity to create and shape an art work; therefore, in general, a plastic art work will have a tremendous value in term of asset comparing with other kinds of works.

Registration is one of methods of self-protection of copyright for the owners of an art work. Through registering art work, the competent state agency will consider to grant Certificate of registration of copyright, one of important proofs for infringement of copyright of art work, as well as useful method helping the owner conveniently transfer the copyright to the one who desires to own that art work.

To register copyright of art works, the owners can register by themselves or authorize Truong Luat to register before the competent state agency for the certificate of registration of copyright which records the owners, the authors, registration number and other information related to the art works. The authorization for Truong Luat as an intellectual property representative of registration benefits the owners because the procedures will be immediate, exact and especially, the art works will be saved in TOPIP® Database System, the management and update of art works of the owners will be easier and more convenient.