One of the most popular kinds of works protected by copyright not only in Vietnam but also over the world is applied art. So what is an applied art? It is the work displayed by lines, colors, shapes, textures with useful features associated with useful things, mass produced by hands or machine, such as: logos, handicraft goods, forms of products, product packaging.

Because an applied art is constituted by lines, colors, shapes, textures, the people creating it (the authors) is usually dexterous and artistic, they have to put effort and/or invest into creating beautiful and high applicable works. Therefore, laws on intellectual property regulate to protect the copyright of creators of applied arts.

The copyright of applied art includes personal rights and property rights; the personal rights always belong to the authors, excepting publishing the works; property rights belong to the owners of applied arts. The authors may also be the owners of the applied arts if they put their own effort and invest into creating the works by themselves. Because the works are protected by laws on copyright, you cannot use an applied art without permission and payment for the owners.